Finding the right breeder

1. The breeders abide by the Code of Ethics, By-laws, Rules and Regulations set out by the Association and the Canadian Kennel Club.

2. It is recommended to speak to several breeders to receive as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision. Breeders should be breeding dogs that conform to the CKC breed standard and that are sound in temperament and health.

3. While Borzoi Club of Ontario cannot endorse or recommend any particular breeder, nor does it guarantee any of the services provided, or puppies produced or sold, it does encourage it’s members to strive for the healthiest Borzoi possible.

4. Potential puppy buyers are encouraged to perform their due diligence, and familiarize themselves with the health challenges that impact Borzoi. No breeder can “guarantee” that a puppy will not suffer from a health problem. A breeder may minimize the risk by the selective breeding of health tested parents and either provide testing documents or registering those results in the following foundation: Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).


Guidelines for Potential Puppy Buyers

Guidelines for Potential Puppy Buyers Now that you have decided on the breed for you, the next critical step is finding the right breeder. It is a two way decision; you as a prospective buyer must like the breeder’s dogs and feel comfortable with your relationship with the breeder, their requirements, and the support they provide to you, and the breeder must feel completely comfortable that you are able to provide the type of home they are seeking for the lifetime of the Borzoi that that have worked so hard to breed well. Be prepared to ask questions to make sure this is the right puppy for you, and expect to be asked a lot of questions in return; this is the sign of a responsible breeder. One who is eager to sell you a puppy no questions asked does not have the best interests of their puppies in mind which means they also probably haven’t taken the care required to breed a happy, healthy Borzoi. All good breeders are concerned about the welfare of their puppies.

The Borzoi Club of Ontario maintains a Code of Ethics that it asks all of its member breeders to abide by. The BCO hopes that it serves as a set of important guidelines for the minimum level of standards for health, temperament, and responsibility in the relationship between breeder and owner.