Mandate & Code of Ethics

Mandate and Code of Ethics

The Borzoi Club of Ontario Mandate is:

  • the betterment of the breed
  • to further and promote the best interests of the breeders and exhibitors of purebred dogs, especially Borzoi
  • to hold Championship Specialty Show and coursing event each year

The Borzoi Club of Ontario Code of Ethics is:

  • I will support my club to the best of my ability and treat every one and their dogs with a dignity and respect that reflect favourably upon myself and my club.
  • I will breed in accordance with the Canadian Kennel Club standards, rules and regulations to attempt to better the breed.
  • I will try, as much as possible, to control the breeding of all stock, sold or otherwise.
  • I will not supply stock to wholesalers, retailers or for raffles.
  • I will explain to all newcomers to the breed the pros and cons of owning and breeding BORZOI.
  • I will never sell nor give away a breedable animal that is unhealthy or genetically unsound, either physically or mentally.
  • Basically, I will do unto others as I would have them do unto me.